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'Agatha All Along' Trailer Breakdown

The wait is over! Agatha All Along teaser trailer has been released today alongside a poster and an official synopsis. The synopsis for the series reads as:

The series focuses on Kathryn Hahn’s character, Agatha Harkness, from the acclaimed Marvel Studios’ series WandaVision, as she sets off on a dangerous, mysterious adventure filled with trials and tribulations. Showrunner Jac Schaeffer, who was the creative force behind WandaVision, directs the pilot episode.
In Agatha All Along, the infamous Agatha Harkness finds herself down and out of power after a suspicious goth Teen helps break her free from a distorted spell. Her interest is piqued when he begs her to take him on the legendary Witches’ Road, a magical gauntlet of trials that, if survived, rewards a witch with what they’re missing. Together, Agatha and this mysterious Teen pull together a desperate coven, and set off down, down, down The Road…

It seems like Agatha All Along will takes us to a journey into The Witches' Road, a plane of existence where only witches can tread. The teaser trailer gave us the glimpses of the Road and the dangers it poses. I will be breaking down the trailer for you in this article.

1. Agnes of Westview
Kathryn Hahn and David Payton in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

A while ago, Joe Locke shared a set picture that had a chair with Agnes of Westview written on it. The font was identical to crime drama Mare of Easttown's logo. It appears that this title was teasing the first episode of Agatha All Along, which shares similar themes and story elements with Mare of Easttown. When we last saw Agnes, she was the "nosy neighbor" under Wanda's spell. However, it seems her narrative has evolved; she now believes herself to be a detective solving murder cases.

2. Detective Rio?
Aubrey Plaza in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

It has been confirmed for a while now that Aubrey Plaza was portraying a witch named Rio Vidal in the series. Rio is probably disguising herself as a detective to help Agatha break out of Wanda's "distorted spell."

3. The Mysterious Body / Jane Doe
© Marvel Television

The murder case Agatha is investigating seems to involve Wanda Maximoff. Clues such as the black fingertips, red hair shown in the featurette, and the name on the library card strongly indicate that it is Wanda. However, it seems improbable that Wanda's body would suddenly appear in Westview. Agatha's line in the trailer, "I can't shake this feeling I'm seeing it wrong," suggests that everything she perceives might be an illusion. It's also worth noting that the residents of Westview know Agatha/Agnes and wouldn't readily accept her as a detective, which further supports the possibility that Agatha's reality might be distorted or manipulated.

Another clue is that what Agatha holding is a library card for "State of New Jersey Public Library", not a piece of paper someone would use while solving murder cases.

5. The Dates
© Marvel Television

Thanks to X/Twitter user @lizzieonfilm for figuring out what some of these dates stand for:

  • February 16: Elizabeth Olsen's birthday

  • August 28: Jack Kirby's birthday

  • June 2: Agnes and Ralph's anniversary, Salem Witch trials, Kevin Feige's birthday

  • December 28: Stan Lee's birthday

6. WandaVision costumes
Kathryn Hahn in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

As Agatha attempts to claw her way out of Wanda's spell, we see her cycling through her various outfits from WandaVision, each representing different time periods and personas she adopted while in Wanda's hex. The scene where we saw naked is likely after she claws her way out of the spell. This could symbolize Agatha's awakening as she sheds the illusions imposed on her and returns to her true form stripped of all pretenses.

7. The Time
Patti LuPone in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

The calendar on Lilia's fridge has November on it. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness took place in Fall 2024 according to The MCU: An Official Timeline, which was one year after the events of WandaVision according to the same book. Agatha All Along is likely taking place at least one year after WandaVision because Rio says "that witch is gone," which is an indicator that this takes place after Wanda's "supposed" death.

8. The Door
© Marvel Television

There is a scene where the coven members are holding hands and singing in a basement in the featurette released last year. This ritualistic act appears to have the purpose of opening the door to the Witches Road, a mystical dimension in Marvel comics.

9. The Witches' Road
Agatha's coven in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

As the coven enters The Witches' Road, the scene reveals a path leading to a house at the end, which is likely where their first trial takes place.

10. The Bell
© Marvel Television

The bell Agatha holds in the trailer is adorned with intricate Gargoyle designs. Gargoyles, traditionally known as guardians of castles and cathedrals, also carry connotations of demonic vessels. While the exact significance of this design in Agatha All Along remains to be seen, it's worth noting its presence. The trailer hints at themes of protection and dark magic and features scenes of a castle and hints of demonic possession. This design choice could symbolize either of those things.

11. The Coven
Patti LuPone, Debra Jo Rupp, Sasheer Zamata and Ali Ahn in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

Agatha's coven includes:

  • Patti LuPone as Lilia Calderu: Lilia's skill lies in divination, and she uses tarot cards to foresee and interpret events.

  • Debra Jo Rupp as Sharon: Sharon is set to join Agatha's coven. Her specific skills haven't been revealed yet.

  • Sasheer Zamata as Jennifer Kale: Jennifer's expertise is rumored to be in potions, this skill could come into play during their trials on the Witches’ Road.

  • Ali Ahn as Alice Wu: Early set pictures depict Alice as a security guard, which indicates that her magical skill is likely related to protection.

12. "Mysterious Teen"
Julian Hilliard as Billy in 'WandaVision' and Joe Locke as 'Teen' in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

While the show seems to be setting up a reveal for Joe Locke's character similar to Agatha's in WandaVision, it’s clear to those familiar with the comics that Locke is playing Billy Kaplan, Scarlet Witch's reincarnated son. "Teen" is also wearing a blue headband in the trailer that is the signature look for Billy Kaplan. "Teen" is part of Agatha's coven.

13. The Green Witch
Aubrey Plaza in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

Rio Vidal is the first Green Witch and her powers are Earth-related. The trailer also underlines this by portraying her in green costumes. The costumes also suggest that these scenes are taking place in the past. Maybe we are going to see how Agatha and Rio met.

14. The Brooms
© Marvel Television

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Jac Schaeffer mentioned that the team researched classic witches for Agatha All Along. One of the elements they wanted to incorporate from traditional witch lore seems to be the iconic imagery of witches flying on brooms.

15. Good Old Agatha
Kathryn Hahn in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

In the scene above, Agatha is shown to be stealing powers from other witches. This seems to be a flashback and it supports my report about Agatha stealing power for centuries.

16. Mysterious Hands
© Marvel Television

The hands wrapping around the trees in the trailer likely belong to the Salem Seven, who appear to be chasing Agatha's coven through the Witches' Road. The dark, gnarly forest setting confirms that this is indeed the Witches' Road.

17. Demonic Possession
© Marvel Television

Alice is seen drawing a magical circle around Lilia, who is laying on the ground in pain. The demon we see in the trailer could be connected somehow, as magical circles are traditionally used for protection against such entities. The circle likely serves as a barrier to shield Lilia from the demonic influence.

18. Eviction Notice
© Marvel Television

The eviction notice Agatha holds features the Three of Pentacles symbol, which represents teamwork and collaboration in tarot. Initially, Lilia Calderu is hesitant to join Agatha Harkness's coven, as shown in the teaser trailer. However, she eventually agrees to join her, likely prompted by the eviction notice she receives. This symbol of teamwork and collaboration on the notice might suggest a change of heart driven by necessity. Lilia’s situation might be what compels her to join forces with Agatha to find what she is missing in the Witches' Road.

19. Watches and Brooch
© Marvel Television

In the Ouija scene, all of the coven members are seen wearing watches, which might indicate some sort of time constraint. This detail suggests that their trials might operate like escape rooms, where they need to complete tasks within a specific timeframe. Additionally, Agatha's brooch is now worn as a bracelet.

21. Ouija Board
© Marvel Television

The outfits worn by the coven members during the seance scene are the same as those seen when Agatha is possessed. I believe there is a direct connection between the summoning ritual and Agatha's subsequent possession. The likely scenario is that whatever entity or force they summoned during the seance ended up possessing Agatha.

22. The Children's Books
© Marvel Television

This one is not exactly from the trailer, it's from one of the stills Marvel officially released. A Charlie Brown book and Little Folks of Other Lands are in the picture. I believe Charlie Brown book is an Easter Egg for the Salem Seven as they all have animal forms. Meanwhile, Little Folks of Other Lands seems to symbolize the evolving friendship and unity within Agatha's coven, transforming from strangers to bonded sisters.

Another thing worth noting is that these are children's books. In the comics, Agatha has a son named Nicholas Scratch. The person they are trying to contact during the seance could be Agatha's son.

23. The Riddle of the Stone Elephant
© Marvel Television

The plot of this book might suggest it has some similar themes with Agatha All Along:

While handling reporting assignments for his father's newspaper, young Ken Holt and his photographer friend, Sandy Allen, become involved in a world of mystery and intrigue. Ken Holt and Sandy Allen are asked by Ken's father, Richard, to do some preliminary research on a long standing land feud in Colorado. The boys drive out west in their new red convertible, given to them by a consortium of insurance companies, for solving their initial mystery, The Secret of Skeleton Island. The feud between John Raymond and Chet Wilson, in Mesa Alta, revolves around boundary markers. When a key piece of evidence disappears, it is apparent to Ken and Sandy that this dispute is also a mystery. While investigating several leads the boys have to use all their wits and strength to escape a deadly trap laid for them. But who are the villains? Aided by Bowleg, the cowboy, Ken and Sandy run down every clue in an effort to resolve this complicated mystery. It's not until the boys fight a pitched battle in a dark tunnel that the villains are unmasked, the dastardly means of their deception revealed, and The Riddle of the Stone Elephant is solved.

The Salem Seven are established as the main antagonists in Agatha All Along, but much like the book's plot, there could be more beneath the surface. The series might introduce additional hidden villains that Agatha and her coven need to uncover through a series of clues.

24. The Witch in Pink
© Marvel Television

When I first saw the trailer, I thought this was Jennifer Kale fighting the Salem Seven since she was wearing pink in some scenes. Upon further investigation, I believe this is Lilia Calderu. When the witches are falling, there are tarot cards flying around. Lilia's special skill divination which involves tarot cards. The scene that follows this also has a close-up to Lilia's face.

25. Lilia the Good Witch
© Marvel Television and MGM

Lilia is seemingly wearing a pink gown with a crown. One of the most prominent figures that has a very similar outfit in witch media is Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz. This isn't the first time Jac Schaeffer referenced this movie, it was heavily referenced in WandaVision as well.

26. Agatha's Magic
Kathryn Hahn in 'Agatha All Along' © Marvel Television

Agatha's main magic color is purple, however, she has orange/fire-like magic in this scene. When Agatha was siphoning Wanda's power in WandaVision, the magic she had was briefly red, the color of Wanda's magic. This could be another scene where Agatha steal power from another witch.

27. Agatha's New Brooch
© Marvel Television

The previous brooch had Three Graces on it, the new one has The Triple Goddess: the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each of which symbolizes both a separate stage in the female life cycle and a phase of the Moon, and often rules one of the realms of heavens, earth, and underworld.”

It seems like we are diving deep into the witch lore in this project.

The first two episodes of Agatha All Along will stream on Disney+ on September 18.


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