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'Arcane' Season 2: What to Expect

Some major news on Arcane Season 2 has been revealed during the Arcane: The Making Of panel.

Here are the major key points from the panel for the upcoming final season to be aware of:

Ongoing Production

Second season production of Arcane is almost done. There are nearly six hours of content with over nine thousand shots collected from the season. Four-hundred-fifty people from Fortiche and about fifty from Riot have worked on season two.

© Netflix (2024)


During the second season, we can see the characters grow and develop. Vi always puts other people ahead of herself in life, who would she be if she had no one left to protect?

Vi lives between two worlds, between Piltover & Zaun in a shitty area. We saw a clip of Vi "fighting" the bulky guy from season 1 episode 3 in a fighting pit, it looks like she knocks him out with one punch. A yordle that eats raw fish and looks like a mafia boss is watching over the pit judging. He is surprised Vi knocked out the bulky guy with one punch.

© Netflix (2024)

There was also a scene we saw ended with Vi seeing Caitlyn's face and Mylo's face in a crowd in a club with strobe lights flashing. We then see her punching a mirror in what is presumably her apartment in the area between Piltover and Zaun. Season two seems to be full of inescapable action.

Updated Art - Style

The makers of this season worked closely with Fenty Beauty for the faces of certain characters. The art on Vi's jacket has a two-headed angry-looking dog on the back and it symbolizes Vi's story is going for the whole season.

© Netflix (2024)

The overall feeling of this season compared to season one is that it's more 'naughty' and better looking in general. There was a lot more collaboration this season between the writers, animators, and composers. Vi's face has something like warpaint, in the scene we see it spread across her face in the rain. The camera movement was partly inspired by Fight Club and Seven.

Final Season Dues

Arcane is unfortunately ending. Season two of Arcane will be the final season of the show.

There is however artbook news that is expected to be coming this week. This is not however the end of this particular universe, there are more stories planned to come in the future.

© Netflix (2024)

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