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REVIEW: ‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 2

Updated: May 12

The Olympians have returned in Netflix’s Blood of Zeus Season Two, and with them, all of the characters we last left behind back in 2020. Heron, Seraphim, and the rest of the gang are back at the helm, and we have watched, studied, and dissected the entire season to provide our review. With that said, let’s dive right back into the tragic world of gods and monsters.

Season two of the animated Greek mythology epic begins where Season one concluded, and for a time, it remains there. Given that it has been nearly four years since the show’s original debut, the opening few episodes of the second season do a heavy load of exposition back to season one’s events and finale. However, the audience is now made aware of the all-powerful Eleusinian Stone, which, while never mentioned in the first season, has a strong effect on the overall plot. Fans of Greek mythology can rejoice. Season two features several callbacks to some of the most iconic and famous Greek myths that will satisfy even the most casual of engagers. The action this season is exhilarating. Powerhouse Animation has once again delivered flawless and detailed work that enhanced the plot of the season through striking visuals and vibrant colors. The character designs continue to be a staple with their distinctive and diverse looks, which grant them even more personality.

Blood of Zeus season 2 still courtesy of Netflix

The second season does a tremendous job of developing character storylines and shifting the spotlight. Viewers are taken on blasts of the past that add layers to some characters, most notably the tragic love story between the God of the Underworld and the Goddess of the Harvest and Fertility. Hades is given agency through a central role opposite our main protagonists, whom he outshines at every turn. His story, partnered with Persephone, is by far the most compelling and inspiring of all the characters in season 2 and leaves fans questioning who is right and what is right. In this tale, the writers offer the world a new twist on the myth we have come to know regarding the kidnapping of Persephone and the implication of her mother, Demeter.

Blood of Zeus season 2 still courtesy of Netflix

Alongside this, Seraphim continues to show why he was season one’s most beloved figure through his continuing tragic journey. He remains used as a tool for the gods, and we are given more insight as to why he allies himself with those who overpower him.

Blood of Zeus season 2 still courtesy of Netflix

Heron finds himself on another journey of self-realization as he struggles to try and place himself in his new reality amongst the deities. However, other than a few heroic moments and until the plot requires an update on his whereabouts, Heron's journey seems to take a back burner for other characters to take the spotlight. And this is not exclusive to him. Hera, the goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth, who was season one’s most notable antagonist, takes a heavy step back in season two. When the goddess does appear, she is accompanied by strong character development after realizing the error in her actions that led to the death of her beloved Zeus.

Blood of Zeus season 2 still courtesy of Netflix

Seraphim and Heron build more upon their complicated relationship and continue to show why the tragic sibling storyline is always a joy to consume. The emotional vulnerability amongst all the characters breathes life into each of their paths, showcasing how flawed both God and man are and how thin the lines between the powerless and all-powerful truly are. The season is very character-driven, which adds a tremendous amount of heart to an already tragic story. However, there are moments where the plots could use some enhancement and more focus on some characters than others. The sometimes unbalanced amount of time spent on one aspect of the story compared to another is often blatant. All in all, season two of Blood of Zeus is an epic joyride of character-driven narrative that provides long-awaited fans with the pleasure of its return.

The question of season three is left by the cliffhanger conclusion of season two, and let’s just say, this means war.


Season 2 of Netflix’s Blood of Zeus is now streaming!


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