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Directors of ‘HOUSE OF THE DRAGON’ Season 2


HBO's House of the Dragon returns for Season Two and along with it comes a roster of five highly skilled and talented directors to once again bring the story from page to screen.

House of the Dragon Season Two premieres June 16 on HBO.


Alan Taylor


Taylor at the October 2013 world premiere of Thor: The Dark World at the Odeon Leicester Square in London

Alan Taylor is a 65-year-old Emmy-award-winning film-making veteran who directed some of history's most iconic productions. From Sex and the City to The Sopranos to our very own Game of Thrones, Taylor has maintained a rich and transformative relationship with HBO. The director will now return his skills and expertise to the network in House of the Dragon Season Two, premiering June 16.

While working with HBO on the famed Game of Thrones, Taylor found himself directing some of the most awe-inspiring and renowned episodes of the acclaimed series. Season One's 'Baelor,' the infamous episode that saw the death of the beloved Lord Eddard Stark, along with 'Fire and Blood,' the great finale that bore witness to the birth of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons, are both to his credit, among several other episodes within the show. Taylor is distinguished by his ability to portray passion through the screen as well as by being "virulently allergic to gratuitous directorial flourishes," he says of himself. Emilia Clarke, who starred as Daenerys Targaryen, has spoken of his director's touch and how he helped draw out emotions in the behind-the-scenes book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon. Alan has a talent for showcasing the emotions of characters without negating their strength.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO's ‘GAME OF THRONES’ Season One

Now, Alan has once again returned to the World of Ice and Fire in House of the Dragon Season Two, where he will direct episodes one and four of the fiery series. If reports serve us well, episodes one and four will showcase explosive and divisive events that are sure to leave a new staple on the Game of Thrones franchise.

View Alan Taylor's full filmography here on IMDb.


Clare Kilner


Clare Kilner is a multi-award-winning director and screenwriter. Clare's director's touch can be noted by her playful comedic style and strong understanding of performance. In her recent filmography, Clare has directed some of social media's most beloved and discussed productions, such as two new series for Prime Video, Gen V and Fallout. Kilner is no stranger to the world of ice and fire either, bosting directorial credits on three episodes from House of the Dragon Season One in 'King of the Narrow Sea,' 'We Light the Way,' and 'The Green Council.' Kilner has countlessly demonstrated her talent in moving forward the narrative in dramatic and divisive events as well as translating action in place of dialogue.

Clare Kilner with Eve Best behind-the-scenes of 'HOUSE OF THE DRAGON' Season 1 episode 5. Photo by Ollie Upton for HBO.

In the upcoming new season of House of the Dragon, Kilner returns to the royal fold as she takes on directorial duties for episodes two and five. As it stands we currently have no information on what conflict episodes two and four may depict, or which characters will feature. However, Kilner has in the past served as a director who helms episodes that enhance the narrative and develop its characters for the larger story. Therefore we can hope to be reassured that her time with the new season will be just as transformative for both the show and the audience as it has been in the past.

View Clare Kilner's full filmography here on IMDb.


Geeta Patel


Geeta Patel is an Emmy award-winning director, screenwriter, and producer who is best known for her work on Meet the Patels, House of the Dragon, and Ahsoka. From the Middle Ages to the future, Patel has had a hand in diverse and innovative storytelling.

Photo Still of Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen in HBO’s ‘HOUSE OF THE DRAGON’ Season One

As no stranger to the World of Ice and Fire, Patel's directional talents shined through in House of the Dragon's (Season One) highest-rated episode, 'The Lord of the Tides.' Patel was praised for showcasing the power of the cast through heavy and emotional moments and passionately delivered scenes. Now, Patel has returned for House of the Dragon Season Two to tackle episodes three and eight, and since this season is shortened from ten episodes to eight, this means she will helm what is sure to be an explosive season finale.

View Geeta Patel's full filmography here on IMDb.


Andrij Parekh


Andrij Parekh is an award-winning television director and cinematographer distinguished by his distinctive visual storytelling abilities and his character-driven approach to film. As a television director, Parekh helmed the fourth episode of HBO's Watchmen (2019) to widespread critical acclaim and earned himself a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for Season Two, episode four of HBO's Succession. He also performed cinematography duties on both acclaimed shows, as well as serving as Director of Photography on the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.


Photo Still of HBO’s ’SUCCESSION’ Season Two

Parekh will now make his directional debut in the World of Ice and Fire in House of the Dragon Season Two, where he will helm episode six. As he is already acquainted with family disputes over succession, Parekh brings a familiar and recognized understanding of character nuance that serves to enhance the narrative of the story.

View Andrij Parekh's full filmography here on IMDb.


Loni Peristere


Loni Peristere is an award-winning television producer-director and former visual effects supervisor who co-founded his own visual effects studio Zoic Studios. Peristere is noted for his visual effects shot design for the beloved television series Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, which creatively inspired the look of modern visual effects cinematography. The producer-director has a long list of projects that have his artistry as a creator attached to them, most notably Banshee, American Horror Story, Warrior, and The Witcher. His multi-talented versatile approach to storytelling makes Peristere capable of working across different genres and formats.

Behind-the-scenes of Netflix’s ‘THE WITCHER’ Season 3

Now the time has come for Peristere to lend his talents to the World of Ice and Fire. Peristere will helm episode seven of House of the Dragon Season Two, and with the season shortened from ten episodes to eight, episode seven will now serve as the infamous penultimate episode event of the Game of Thrones franchise. For those who are unaware, in Game of Thrones fashion the penultimate episode has historically featured some of the most shocking or awe-inspiring events of the season. What House of the Dragon Season Two's penultimate episode has in store for us is a mystery, but given that the war for the Iron Throne has officially begun, we can look forward to witnessing something special.

View Loni Peristere's full filmography here on IMDb.


The list of Directors and their episodes were confirmed by Steve Toussaint (Corlys Velaryon) sharing a commemorative Clapperboard plaque that was given at the ‘HOUSE OF THE DRAGON’ Season Two Wrap Party.

Steve Toussaint‘s (Corlys Velaryon) Commemorative Clapperboard plaque


'HOUSE OF THE DRAGON' Season Two premieres June 16 on HBO. Follow @westerosies and @nexuspointnews on X/Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates.


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