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  • Matthew W.

EXCLUSIVE: DC Studios’ ‘LANTERNS’ Ramps Up with New Casting and Production Details

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Following James Gunn’s confirmation on the creative team behind Lanterns, new details have emerged on the MAX streaming series that points to it ramping up for production. Gunn confirmed Chris Mundy, Damon Lindelof, and Tom King’s involvement in creating the series bible and writing the pilot. In addition, we’ve reported Justin Britt-Gibson, Breannah Gibson and Vanessa Baden Kelly involvement with the series thanks to their WGA profiles. 

We can report that the series is currently eyeing to start shooting in Q1 of 2025 in the United Kingdom. If production goes smoothly, this could set it up for a 2026 release!

It’s been previously reported this series will feature a veteran Hal Jordan and a younger John Stewart (first reported by r/DCULeaks). We’re hearing new casting details corroborating this report. Casting is about to ramp up with DC Studios looking for White actors between 43-49 years old for Hal Jordan and Black actors between 27-35 years old for John Stewart. 

Nathan Fillion’s obnoxious Guy Gardner will be joining the series in a supporting role (also reported by r/DCULeaks). Fillion is expected to make his debut as Guy Gardner in the upcoming Superman, which flies into theaters on July 11, 2025.


This story is still developing.


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