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EXCLUSIVE: Natalia Tena Joins Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine as [Spoiler] Variant.

Marvel Studios’ upcoming film, Deadpool & Wolverine has been a breeding ground for speculation and anticipation among fans. The highly anticipated movie has sparked discussions and debates over which characters from the Marvel universe will make an appearance, and the excitement has particularly been about the inclusion of the X-Men characters.

Well-known industry insider DanielRPK, first directly reported that Natalia Tena would be appearing in an upcoming Marvel project on his Patreon. Although he was the first to report that she would appear in a mystery Marvel project, we can now exclusively tell you guys who exactly this character is.

We are excited to exclusively share that Natalia Tena, known for her roles in the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones franchises, has joined Deadpool & Wolverine. Tena is set to portray an older Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, in the movie. 

(Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney, aka X-23. Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.)

Laura Kinney first made her live-action debut in Logan, where she was portrayed by Dafne Keen. Keen’s portrayal of Laura became a fan-favorite and I am sure the fans are wondering if we are going to see her reprise her role in Deadpool & Wolverine as well. While rumors have swirled regarding the potential return of Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney in Deadpool & Wolverine, we can share that we got confirmation from multiple sources that Keen would reprise her role in the movie. Keen’s reprisal of her role means fans will have the opportunity to see both the original and a variant of X-23 on screen. 

Deadpool & Wolverine starring Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Emma Corrin, and Matthew Macfadyen will be officially released in theaters on July 26. 

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Kevin Reynart
Kevin Reynart
5월 13일

Dafne Keen is the only who can play Laura Kinney!

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