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INTERVIEW: Nexus Point News Sits Down With Author Jaime McAfee

Are you interested in consuming more indie comics but want more diverse storytelling and protagonists? Are you interested in a story about a fierce and strong warrior who is ready to take over the world by any means necessary? If so Alexis Wyle is absolutely the comic for you!

This story is exclusively created and written by Jamie McAfee. The story itself is drawn and completely illustrated by Marc Rene. Nexus Point News recently got the chance to interview Jaimee McAfee and ask her about all things comic books and Alexis Wyle. Here is what the author herself had to say about the future of her series and what she has in store as a creative.

(NPN) Alexis Wyle is such a strong protagonist in your series. Can you explain the creative process behind making her and establishing her character arcs early in the process?

I have a very vivid imagination, and I dreamed up Alexis. I wanted her to embody everything a woman is, flaws and all. I wanted to always include the past, present, and future, so I developed her backstory first. I wanted to showcase who she was and where she came from. You find out who her greatest love was and is from the start.

(NPN) What are you most looking forward to as more fans continue to discover your work and begin to understand Alexis Wyle?

I am looking for more of the reader's opinions. I love hearing everyone’s thoughts on what is happening with their interpretations. I look forward to meeting more people in person. Truly speaking with people about the story face to face is so exciting.

Image Courtesy of Jaimee McAfee

(NPN) Did you take any inspiration from any previous work or comic book characters when creating Alexis Wyle? 

I am a huge The Walking Dead fan, so I wanted some of those vibes as far as the different personalities of the characters and dark settings, but I wanted Alexis to be so original that her world would be new to everyone. I never like to focus so much on others' work that it blends into my own.

(NPN) Do you ever feel personally connected to this story having created such vivid storytelling?

I feel connected to the story and Alexis as a character. The story itself can be reflected in the real-life situations we deal with as humans. Fighting the evil in the world and trying to survive situations that can, in some ways, be impossible. Heartbreak and the destruction from war.

(NPN) Would you be open to expanding the world of Alexis Wyle beyond the world of comic books? 

The world of Alexis is one I would love to expand on. I have a deep story for all the lead characters and I would love to share their backstories and maybe even have them venture on their own.

(NPN) What advice would you give to other young creatives looking to create diverse stories?

My advice would be to take your time and develop the world that you want people to experience. Do not compromise yourself for anything, and enjoy your work.

(NPN) Would you be willing to give NPN an exclusive for your upcoming comics series and things you have planned?

Ohhhh exclusive? Chapter Two, you may get a peek at Gahanna, the evil Queen's realm.

Chapter 2 of Alexis Wyle is releasing soon! You can follow along with the series here! Make sure you follow Nexus Point News for all things comics and entertainment.


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