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'The Fantastic Four' Cast, Filming Dates And Locations

Updated: Jun 26

The Fantastic Four © Marvel

The Fantastic Four is one of Marvel Studios' most anticipated, and anxiously awaited films due to the mixed to negative reception of the past movies. It is the studios first attempt to feature a film of the titular heroes since regaining the film rights after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. After numerous release date delays and casting rumors, the movie has gathered a stellar cast and the filming is set to begin in late July. Let's breakdown the cast of The Fantastic Four and details we've uncovered on filming...


Vanessa Kirby as Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman
Vanessa Kirby © Netflix and Marvel

Vanessa Kirby (Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning) is the latest actress set to portray Sue Storm, also known as The Invisible Woman, on the big screen. Previously, this iconic character has been brought to life by Jessica Alba and Kate Mara. Alba, in particular, has become synonymous with the role as she was the face most people associate with Sue Storm for the last two decades.

This iteration of Sue Storm is rumored to take on a more mature role, with sources suggesting she will be portrayed as a mother. This will be the first live-action project where Sue Storm and Reed Richards will be portrayed as parents on-screen. It also means that this will be the first time we will see Sue and Reed's kids.

Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic
Pedro Pascal © Peter Yang and Marvel

Pedro Pascal's (The Mandalorian, The Last of Us) casting as Reed Richards came as a surprise for many fans as Pascal is the first non-white actor to portray Mr. Fantastic. However, he is not the first person to portray this character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. John Krasinski, who was a very popular fan-cast for the role, played an alternate universe version of this character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and got killed off by Wanda Maximoff immediately. In addition to being the smartest man alive, Reed also has the power of elasticity.

Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch
Joseph Quinn © Contents and Marvel

Joseph Quinn is one of the recent rising stars as he got universal recognition with his role as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things. Quinn has expressed his excitement for playing Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four several times. In a recent interview with ComicBook, Quinn praised the fellow cast members and the director Matt Shakman:

"It's been a wonderful experience so far. We've got a wonderful gang on it with Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, to name but a few. I'm very excited. I'm nervous, obviously. I'm really looking forward to getting into it. The script is amazing."
Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm aka The Thing

Ebon Moss-Bachrach © IMDb and Marvel

Ebon Moss-Bachrach is another addition to this stellar cast. Moss- Bachrach recently made a joke on The Daily Show letting us know how he has been preparing for his role:

I'm playing Ben Grimm, who becomes The Thing, who is a man encased in rock. So, yeah, I've been just looking at rocks.

Ralph Ineson as Galactus
Ralph Ineson © Getty and Marvel

Ralph Ineson's casting as Galactus came as a pleasant surprise to many fans as there were rumors about the actors such as Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem being considered for the role. Ineson is best known for his deep gravelly voice, which is a perfect fit for Galactus. Galactus, a character of immense power and presence, demands a voice that can convey his colossal and commanding existence.

Julia Garner as Shalla-Bal
Julia Garner © So It Goes Magazine and Marvel

Julia Garner has been cast as Shalla-Bal, who is Silver Surfer's love interest in the comics. Shalla-Bal is expected to be one of Galactus' heralds in The Fantastic Four.

Other cast members
Left-Right: Natasha Lyonne, John Makovich and Paul Walter Hauser © Lorella Matassini, Rollacoaster

Natasha Lyonne, John Malkovich and Paul Walter Hauser are the some recent additions to the cast. Their roles are still under wraps. We will most likely find out their roles once the film begins filming.


The Fantastic Four is set to begin filming on July 24 according to recent listings we have received and the film is expected to wrap around December 2024. The film is currently in pre-production and in the costume making process. The filming will take place in the following locations:

  • London, United Kingdom

  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Dublin, Ireland

Update on June 26: Kevin Feige has revealed the filming officially begins on July 29, right after Comic-Con on The Official Marvel Podcast. We believe the date we've received is still correct and the crew will arrive before July 29 for preparations.

The plot of The Fantastic Four is under wraps. Some hints from the official art Marvel Studios has shared suggest that the movie is taking place in an alternate universe, and in a retrofuturistic timeline.

The Fantastic Four releases in theaters on July 25, 2025.


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