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Warner Bros. Reveals An Exciting Slate of Animated Projects at Annecy Animation Festival

Updated: 6 days ago

Nexus Point News has had the opportunity to cover the Annecy Film Festival this past week. We were able to be front row to the Warner Bros Animation presentation for their upcoming animated slate in 2024 - 2025. Listed below are both upcoming projects for the next year as well as projects that have been recently greenlit.

Upcoming Projects

Gremlins: The Wild Batch is coming back with a new season this fall. The adventures will be set from Shangai to San Francisco.

The Bat-Family spin-off series will consist of 20 episodes and it will be a comedy. It is currently scheduled to be released next year on Prime Video. We will continue seeing Bruce be a father. Alfred and Alfred's niece will also appear in this series.

© DC

Creature Commandos, written by James Gunn, is coming to Max this December. The series will consist of 7 episodes and will continue from where James Gunn's The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker left off. During the panel, we were also told the characters in Creature Commandos would appear in Gunn's upcoming live-action Superman movie and other DCU projects. (***More information to come on June 14.)

Updated notes:

  • James Gunn appeared in a thank you video at the beginning of the Creature Commandos panel and said the characters in animated projects are going to jump into live-action projects and vice-versa under a "unified DCU"

  • Locations: Belle Reve, Frankenstein Manor, Frankenstein Lab and Poko Castle (“a failed fairytale type of city”)

  • The creators noted that James Gunn wanted the locations to look exactly like their live-action counterparts. For example, Belle Reve had to look the way it did in Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

  • Creature Commandos is “dark, humorous but never goofy and unsentimental, adult-themed show with political storylines.”

  • This Frankenstein is a lovestruck version.

  • Frankenstein gets multiple outfits for beach, formal/black tie, and regular settings

  • None of the characters like each other.

  • CG was used to set up the shots, however, the final product is fully 2D handrawn animation.

  • Future live-action appearances of the characters were taken into consideration when the characters were designed.

  • The voice actors of the characters will appear in live-action portraying their characters.

  • Rick Flag Sr. gets an updated look: white hair, smoother facial animation.

  • Amanda Waller gets floral clothing.

  • Nina Mazursky is “petit and child-like”

  • G.I. Robot wants to kill Nazis with Nina.

  • James Gunn had pitched Creature Commandos before he took over DC. Gunn then greenlit the project himself when he became the CEO of DC Studios.

  • Characters like Medusa will appear in the later seasons of the series.

  • The Bride's white hair streak was changed to grey due to copyright issues with a studio they didn't want to name.

Batman: Caped Crusader is coming to prime video later this year. The series is a full-period piece set in the 1940s. We were shown the cold open where Clarence was getting questioned about Rupert Thorne by Eddie, then The Penguin entered the room and it was cut to the noir title sequence before it got violent. The director of the title sequence was Christina Sotta.


Harley Quinn Season 5 will bring in some relationship problems for Harley and Ivy, however, we were promised they wouldn't break up. So there is no need to worry! Harley and Ivy are also moving to Metropolis this season, leaving Gotham behind.

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! is coming to Max later this year. In the short clip we have seen, he has offered to buy Noonan's with the 10 million dollars he didn't have.

Invincible Fight Girl is a professional wrestling anime. The series will consist of 10 episodes.

Get Jiro is a new adult swim project set in future Los Angeles, where the chefs are the mobs of the world.

  • 10 episodes ordered.

The Amazing World of Gumball is back, and it is scheduled for a 2025-2026 release. Daisyland and the void will be explored in this project. Penny's extended family will also appear.

Batman Azteca Choque De Imperios movie is coming out next year. The film is set in Tenochtitlan and Egypt.

Watchmen Chapter 1 will be released this year, and Chapter 2 will be released in 2025. Both projects are completely CG-animated.

© Cartoon Network & Warner Bros. Animation

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Season 2 will be released at the end of 2025. The season will consist of 10 episodes.

Adventure Time: Side Quests will take place around season one and season two of the original series. Nate Cash is behind this children's series.


© Cartoon Network & Warner Bros. Animation

The Adventure Time Movie is in development at Cartoon Network Studios. Rebecca Sugar and Patrick McHale are the creative talents behind this project.

Adventure Time: Heyo BMO is a kids series coming to Cartoon Network. BMO will have half of his memory wiped and he will need to get used to a new neighborhood.

A Barbara Throws a Wobbler project called Barbara! is in development at Hanna-Barbera Studios. Joris van Hulsen is behind this project.

A Scooby Doo project Go-Go Mystery Machine is in development. The series is going to be an anime set in Japan. Scooby's uncle Daisuke-Doo, who's a Shiba Inu, will be introduced in this project.

While visiting Japan on the ultimate foodie adventure, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo unwittingly unleash hundreds of mischievous mythical monsters that are now causing trouble all over the country.

Bad Karma is a Warner Bros. project about an unlikely friendship between a young demon girl called Chandra and the demi-god Veer. The project explores the Indian mythology.

© Cartoon Network

VA Regular Show series is in the works at Long Form & Films. J.G. Quintel is the creative talent behind this project.

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