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Will 'Deadpool & Wolverine' Introduce a New Multiverse Concept?

Updated: Apr 25

(Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

Deadpool & Wolverine will reportedly be adding a new concept to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What does that mean going forward? Here are our thoughts.

(Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

With the highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine approaching and the many looming rumors that have been surrounding this film since its debut, there seems to be a new one circulating with an entirely new multiverse concept being introduced that will impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. 

According to Insider DanielRPK (via 'Patreon' & 'X') alluded to a new concept being introduced: In every universe, there’s one specific being, an important figure that if they die or get removed from their universe, that entire universe would begin to collapse and vanish over time. A description that may sound familiar to some.

(What if..? Vol. 2, Issue 35)

Comic reader's eyes may have been widened given this "New Concept" sounds a lot like the comic definition for a ‘Nexus being’. In the comics, The Watcher defines a Nexus being as "Someone with an immense amount of power to affect the Universal Time Stream. Beings who can alter the future and health of their reality/universe." This specifically aligns with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new concept.

(Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

(Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have been introduced to the term ‘Nexus’ a few times, Once in WandaVision during episode 7 titled Breaking the Fourth Wall, a reference during a fake commercial as an antidepressant called Nexus. Possibly alluding to Wanda Maximoff having a connection with or being a nexus being, as she is in the comics.

In Loki, we’re given an informational deep dive into the TVA and its rules, and Miss Minutes begins to discuss ‘Nexus Events’. A Nexus Event is what causes the sacred timeline to branch off, they’re events caused by variants breaking off from the path that had been previously set by ‘He Who Remains’ & The TVA. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

In the latest trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, the TVA agent, Paradox, mentions to Deadpool that Wolverine left his universe to die. This lines up with this new element, perhaps hinting that Wolverine was the "nexus being" of his own universe.

Knowing this new concept opens up doors for new theories and possibilities that now could or already have happened within the MCU. Has our anchor hero already died and if so who? Are we actively seeing the causes of that within the main universe and will Deadpool & Wolverine answer that question or leave us with more?


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