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Zack Snyder Presents 'Twilight of the Gods' at Annecy Festival

Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, and Jay Oliva presented their upcoming animated series Twilight of the Gods at the Annecy Animation Festival during the What's On Netflix panel. The creators showcased two clips, several drawings, and a special teaser trailer edited by Zack Snyder himself.

© Netflix (2024)

During the presentation, the hybrid animation style was also highlighted by the creators. While most of the series is 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D animation was used in some instances such as the animation for the main characters. Zack Snyder praised animation and has said fantasy illustration has always been his favorite. He described it as "incredibly satisfying storytelling in its higher form" and as a "beautiful, complete art form." Snyder then joked about animation being easier in terms of storytelling because it is devoid of actors' interpretation:

You draw something cool, then the actors will come and f**k it up.

According to the guidebook given for the presentation;

  • Episodes 1 and 8 are directed by Zack Snyder

  • Episodes 2 and 7 are directed by Jay Oliva

  • Episodes 3 and 5 are directed by Tim Divar/Andrew Tamadl

  • Episodes 4 and 6 are directed by Dave Hartman/Andrew Tamadl

© Netflix (2024)

This information is relevant because, during the presentation, it was mentioned that Zack Snyder's episodes would be longer. It means we can expect a longer pilot and finale. In the same guidebook, Zack Snyder talks more about the series:

Twilight of the Gods is a heroic story packed with epic themes of loss and revenge. All of the characters are searching for some sort of catharsis along the way. They've all lost something and they're looking to find some kind of retribution while hopefully coming out the other side having made peace with the demons that sent them on this quest to begin with.

In one of the clips that were shown, Sigrid and Leif seek help from the god Tiwaz, who's rotting away because he doesn't have many people worshipping him. In this world, not having worshippers means rotting for gods. They get rejected as they are "asking too much".

© Netflix (2024)

Sigrid then offers him immortality and says she will bring the golden apple from Fafnir the dragon. Tiwaz believes they are going to fail, but still accepts the offer. In another clip, we've been shown the epic dragon fight scene. There is not much to say about this scene except that the action was beautifully animated and the music was an integral part of this epic scene. This presentation certainly put Twilight of the Gods on my must-watch list.

Twilight of The Gods is coming to Netflix on September 19.


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